A F T E R   C A R E

Cotton Range 

Care instructions: For best results wash in gentle 30 degree wash and line dry. Once dry put in tumble dryer at low heat to fluff the fabric up.

Hand Woven Wool Throws: 

Care instructions: It is recommended to shake and air woollen throws

It is highly recommended that the throw is dry cleaned. However you can cold wash the throw by hand with a small amount of delicate detergent. Please be aware that leaving the throw in water could lead to shrinking. The throw should be dried flat or draped over a line, pegging and hanging the throw will lead to a change in shape.

Our natural wool blankets are best looked after with these simple steps -

  1. Shake - give your blanket a good shake outside to remove loose fibres, dirt and dust

  2. Air - airing your blanket outside can help to keep it smelling fresh

But, if your wool blanket becomes dirty we recommend the following -

  1. Gently hand wash, or machine wash at 30ºC on a gentle wool cycle, both using a wool friendly detergent

  2. Rinse and spin on the lowest setting

  3. Press excess water out

  4. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat, away from direct sunlight