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Wool Throws


Regular maintenance:

Shaking the throw outside removes loose fibers, dirt and dust 

Airing the throw outside, will help keep the throw fresh. Drape it over a line, try to avoid pegging as this may lead to a change in shape. 


If the throw becomes dirty: 

Spot clean by soaking the area by in cold water with a tiny amount of delicate detergent. You can gently rub the mark, but please beware that this will cause felting and may make the wool fluffy. The throw should be dried flat or draped over a line, as pegging the throw will lead to a change in shape. 

Dry clean in a steaming chamber. 

Cotton Range 

Care instructions:
Gentles at 30 degree and line dry. Once dry put in tumble dryer at low heat to fluff the fabric up.

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