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Throw sizes available

Small Throw £230

Dimensions: Approximately 110 x 135cm

Single Throw £350

Dimensions: Approximately 170 x 135cm

Double Throw £496

Dimensions: Approximately 240 x 135cm

King Throw £570

Dimensions: Approximately 270 x 135cm

Throws are made from Lambs Wool sourced from a mill in the UK. They are designed to come half way up the bed and all the way to the floor.

Photographs by Rhian Wyman

The Moss Collection is inspired by the beautiful English countryside. The colours chosen within this collection are fresh, just like a field on a spring day. When weaving each throw I take inspiration from my morning walk and the shades I see that day. This could be Daffodils, Snowdrops, Wild Garlic, Bluebells or someone wearing a rain coat. The weave pattern repeats like a series of windmill sails. 

The Lichen Collection is inspired by the coast line of the Hebridean islands. The tones in the rocks can be found within the multiple shades of grey woven within the throws. The flash of blue imitates the crystal sea where the larger section of yellow reflects the lichen that is slowly inhabiting the grey rocks. On closer inspection you can see that the weave mimics the pattern of the waves. 

This Heather Collection, as the name suggests, is inspired by the Heather shrub. The purple, pink and grey shades can been seen when driving through the Welsh Mountains on an autumn day. The diamonds within the weave pattern eco the tumbling heather flowers. 

Rhian Wyman Design - Cotswold throw.jpg

The Midnight Collection is inspired by Van Gough’s Starry Night. The dark shades within the throw really enhance the colours. I get very excited when designing  for this range as the vibrant influences of the throws can change each time. For this collection, on the front of the throw, the stars have been represented within the weave pattern as small circles and then appear as a shimmer on the back.

The Porthclais Collection is inspired by the late autumn shades found within the tiny Pembrokeshire harbour. Above the water line, the wet rock defines itself with a harsh, black border and is followed by a striking layer of yellowy, orange lichen. The true colour of the rock shines grey before it is overgrown with the green, hardy grass. The sharp points of the jagged rock have been picked out in the weave pattern. 

The Cotswold Collection has been influenced by the tones and bursts of colour found in the traditional stone, doors and window frames in old cotswold villages. The block weave pattern is an interpretation of the laying pattern of the stones. 

As no two throws are the same the easiest way to discover which throws are

available is to view the online shop or contact Rhian if you have any questions. Photographs and close ups of the throws can be sent your way and if desired, a visit to the studio can be arranged.

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